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Data Types

Onboard supports an ever-growing list of equipment and sensor types across a variety of building types. Common devices include HVAC equipment, elevators, lighting, meters for energy and water, fire & safety. Buildings currently on the platform span a variety of complex building types and purposes.

Data Collection

Onboard's automated data discovery software runs on Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. It can operate on common devices like Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC and up. Onboard's discovery software can also be deployed by virtual machine, like VMWare. We also support containerized deployments of our software, e.g. Docker.


Network Protocols

Onboard frequently serves BACnet (IP/MSTP) and Modbus (IP/RTU) networks. However, this does not preclude us from connecting to other network protocols. If you are seeking to connect to KNX, LonWorks or another protocol please let us know.


Security & Control

On-site software employs Wireguard to encrypt communications between devices to the cloud. The only inbound access to on-site software is through SSH, and security settings are as recommended by SSHAudit. Onboard also supports IOT Cellular Connectivity for outbound data. The Onboard web-portal supports 2FA via TOTP and WebAuthn/Fido2.


Data Storage

Data can be stored indefinitely or until you request its removal and deletion. Data is stored encrypted at-rest. Data is also stored in a time series database. Entries in this database are indexed by an opaque identifier. The backing filesystem store for this database is encrypted.


Artificial Intelligence

Onboard's R&D not only includes algorithms to filter and structure data (machine-learning), but also deep-learning to layer these functions into an artificial neural network. This allows 'machines' to draw conclusions on data in the same way as a human brain. Combined, our application is far more advanced than machine-learning.


BRICK & Haystack

There are multiple methodologies to structure data found within buildings. Onboard supports BRICK & Haystack based on wide-spread community support for both (including the evolving ASHRAE 223P). Email us to learn more on how we accommodate novel use-cases for our clients.



Onboard uses OpenAPI | Swagger Docs. We provide a separate API key access layer. This allows fine-grained control of routes each API key can access across your team or external parties. The API supports use-cases that span dashboarding, fault detection & diagnostics, and novel machine-learning.

API Status Page Python Github

App Integrations

Onboard supports a range of third-party data visualization and analytics tools. Stay tuned on the news of this suite of applications! If you are looking to integrate an app with our platform, please email us!


Portal & Dashboard

Onboard's software includes an intuitive Health Dashboard. These features allow you to monitor the performance and queue of projects in your data pipeline and across your portfolio of buildings.


Support & Alerts

Onboard is alerted to a variety of health checks across your data pipeline. The Onboard team is always available to provide training on the API. Onboard can deliver additional assistance with integrations, dashboarding or analytics with our Concierge Service.

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