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"NYSERDA’s Real-Time Energy Management program is the nation's most extensive program that offers incentives for ‘Smart Building’ systems and services. Onboard was a critical partner in the normalization of all this building data, captured from 45+ separate vendors. They have been a pleasure to work with."


Michael, NYSERDA
Program Leader, Advanced Efficiency Solutions

"Using the Onboard API, I was able to quickly develop and deploy advanced failure prediction and detection models for my university's building systems."


Shahrad, Big 10 University
Building Scientist

"The automatic collection and organization of the building automation data helped our commissioning team validate system performance, diagnose issues in real time, and utilized open-source technology to create building system dashboards and visuals for ongoing monitoring."


Nick, Heapy Engineering
Associate Principal &
Project Manager

"With Onboard, we have an API for smart buildings we never thought possible, at a cost below what we could expect from doing it in-house. This frees us up to focus on our core business."


    Christopher, Audette
    CEO & Founder

    💡 How It Works

    Refreshingly Simple Software Setup

    What Data Can I Collect?

    HVACR, Meters, Lights, Elevators and other sensor data locked inside a Building Automation System Network. Typical buildings include offices, labs, hospitals, sports complexes and schools.

    How Do I Install Your Software?

    Onboard can provide a 'plug-and-play' Intel PC with ethernet cable, or a virtual machine image, or a container to fit any IT scope. Onboard automatically scans and securely sends data to the cloud.

    How Do I Use This Data?

    Onboard's award-winning AI models your data for you. QA your dataset then visualize in Onboard's dashboard, or export via CSV, or integrate into tools like Slack, Grafana, Skyspark, BigQuery.

    🏬 Features & Benefits

    Monitor All Of Your Projects

    Human Support & Active Monitoring

    Our team guides you on each deployment, you do not need to be an IT expert. We actively monitor the health of your data streams.

    AI Eliminates
    Data Preparation

    We hate data wrangling too. Our award-winning AI eliminates the time and cost to standardize your data across all of your buildings.

    Alerts, Trends & Excel/CSV Support

    Monitor your datasets in our dashboard or share across your team with our one-click CSV export tool.

    Unlimited API usage
    R & Python SDK

    No obscure programming language to learn. Implement Onboard's SDK and deploy your software creations in an afternoon.

    🙌 Use Cases

    Shape The Future Of The World's Buildings

    Energy Management

    Track occupancy, meters and HVAC to identify energy efficiency opportunities.

    Predictive Maintenance

    Identify faulty equipment, predict time to failure or perform root cause analyses.

    Ongoing Commissioning

    Monitor asset performance still under warranty, and make data-driven decisions on capital purchases.

    Tenant Experience

    Monitor your buildings' indoor air quality, and take actions to ensure the comfort and health of your tenants.

    Sensitive Environments

    From laboratories to indoor agriculture, integrate existing building system data to monitor and analyze your sensitive facilities.

    And much more...

    It's our mission to help you change the future of our buildings today. Let us know what you're working on!

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